Do you have a Pricelist?

All of our prices are individually tailored on a number of factors including Size, Condition, Style Choice and Handling Requirements so we do not have a set price list. To give you an idea our  small smoothies are from €35 and our small fluffies are from €55. All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 23%.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Early opening and late closing available at an extra fee. We are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays.

What is included in a Full Pamper?

A Full Pamper includes 2 x shampoo, condition, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned/plucked, styling and a 5 point health check. We have lots of add on's available including blueberry facials, mud baths and nail filing!

How far in advance do you book?

We book from a day to two weeks in advance. We try our best to book you in ASAP but we guarantee a quality groom for each and every dog so we cannot take more than a certain amount of dogs a day. Please do call on the off chance that we have a cancellation.

At what age would you recommend bringing my puppy for his first Pamper?

We recommend puppies having their first pamper before the age of 6 months and preferably by 4 months of age so they become well accustomed at an early age.

Do you offer multi dog discounts?

We do not offer multi dog discounts BUT each dog is invited to join out V.I.P. Membership Scheme which entitles each dog to 25% OFF after 5 grooms! Grooms must be within a two month period to qualify. Ask in store for details.

Do You Sell Flea Treatments?

We stock Parex Spot-On treatment which treats fleas and ticks. This product is the generic version of Frontline. Katie has recently completed a FETAC Level 6 course in the "Handling and dispensing of animal remedies", therefore achieving her LM licence.

Do you have Doggie Daycare?

We do not have Doggie Daycare, however if you are unable to collect your dog after their groom, or if you need to drop off early, we will be able to Dog Sit for you at an extra fee.

What are your company policies?

Please give 24hrs notice of cancellation. Of course, we understand that things happen but please be aware that lack of sufficient notice may lead to a deposit of 50% upfront being required at time of booking. If you are more then 15 minutes late for your appointment we may need to reschedule and the rule will apply. More then two no-shows will mean that no further appointments will be reserved unless the full groom price is paid upfront. This deposit is non refundable in the case of another no show. We reserve the right to refuse service to repeat offenders.
-All dogs must be kept on leads and must not be allowed to soil in the Boutique. Please walk and toilet your dog before their appointment.
-We cannot accept Bitches in Heat, if a bitch is presented in heat, we will cancel the appointment and a fee shall apply.(50% of Pampering Fee).
-All dogs should be regularly treated for fleas. If we find evidence of fleas on your dog we will wash in flea shampoo. There is an extra fee of €10-€20 to cover flea shampoo and de-fleaing the salon.
-No more then 15 minutes de-matting will be carried out on any dog. If a dog is severely matted we will clip off the coat. De-matting can be a painful and traumatic procedure and it is inhumane to spend longer brushing out a matted coat. A fee for matted coats does apply to cover the extra time and wear and tear on equipment.
-Aggressive or difficult dogs may be refused and/or extra fees shall apply.
-VID Membership card only Valid if pampering sessions are within 2 months of each other.

-Policy regarding Kennel Cough. Kennel cough is an extremely contagious air born virus. If your dog has been diagnosed with KC and has finished treatment, we have been advised by veterinary experts to wait for 1 month before allowing them into the Spa. Similarly, if your dog has been vaccinated with the KC vaccination, then we can not allow access until 2 weeks have passed. This is because the vaccine is a "live" vaccine, meaning that your dog could pass on the virus to other dogs by expelling the virus as the breath and cough.

Are all of your prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of VAT at 23%.

Not found the answer?

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