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Imagine your toe nails had not been trimmed in 6 months. Imagine they grew downwards, pushing your toes upwards and affecting the way you carry your weight. You must alter your gate, you can feel the affects in your muscles, all the way to your spine …. It doesn’t sound nice does it?

This is how your dog might feel when his nails go overgrown. Dogs nails should not hit the ground when he is standing still. If they do, they are overgrown. Now, here is the clincher, Unfortunately dogs have a blood and nerve channel in the nail called “the Quick”. If the nails are left to themselves the quick will usually grow as the nails grow. (Not the case with the photograph example). This means your vet or groomer can’t take them back to where they need to be in one trim. Why? Because the quick will bleed and it would hurt, A LOT!

Thankfully, there is a way to solve the problem.

We have successfully pushed the quick back with many of our clients by trimming the nails closely and regularly (not too close – no bleeding or pain). We do it every two weeks and then every month, then as and when necessary.
The result is a much more comfortable, happier and more mobile dog!

Nail trims are included in most of our packages. For drop ins, we even include a spritz of cologne. No appointment necessary! 091-867812

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An example of before and after a much needed nail trim on a dog.

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