Bubbles & Barks

Award-winning bespoke dog grooming


Welcome to Bubbles and Barks Dog Spa and Boutique!

The home of bespoke grooming in the West of Ireland, where your pooch will be pampered and preened in a calm and purpose built salon by qualified, award winning and professional groomers


We all know how nice it is to be pampered and how wonderful we feel after a few hours at the Salon or Spa, well the same goes for your dog!

We offer a full range of pampering packages and our purpose built facilities allow us to groom dogs of all ages and sizes. With over 15 years of experience behind us, you can be sure that your dog is in safe hands!

Proud Stockists of

Willow Run

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Raw Natural Dog Food.

Biologically appropriate dog food. Environmentally conscious.

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Opening Hours

Please contact Kate Mc and Monika directly to confirm their hours and availibility.

Maternity Leave!

I am on maternity leave, enjoying time with baby Raven. I will be back soon but I am glad to say that we have two fab groomers offering their services from Bubbles & Barks while I am off and into the future, but you will need to book direct with them.

Monika from Monikas Grooming - Award winning groomer. Available by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 0894034182.www.monikasgrooming.com

Kate from The Barking Bath - Award winning groomer. Available by appointment Monday and Saturday 0863517454 Facebook Page

Both groomers are in high demand and book in advance as they are very talented, kind handlers. Your dog will be in safe hands.






  • 6 Point Health Check: 1. Ear Check. 2. Eye Check. 3. Anal Gland Check. 4. Parasite Check. 5. Check for Lumps and Bumps. 6. Teeth Check

  • Shampoo and Condition with the finest environmentally friendly products

  • Brush Out

  • Nail Clipping

  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking if necessary and appropriate

  • Trim and Tidy of Eyes, Feet and Bum and Hygiene area

  • A spritz of our famous Cologne

  • A fabulous Bow to finish

  • Anal Gland Expression Add-On €10, only by request and if deemed necessary


  • All that is included in a Mini pamper PLUS...

  • 15 minutes of detangling

  • De-shedding where applicable

  • A full restyling according to breed standard, owners request or a bespoke pet style by our Award winning stylist Katie O’Loughlin


  • Hot Oil Treatment: Deeply condition the skin and coat

  • Mud Bath: Soothes sore skin, eases aching joints and exfoliates the skin

  • Blueberry and Oatmeal Facial: Fabulous for Exfoliating and reducing Tear Staining and it smells DIVINE

  • Pawdicure: Nail filing with the option to add nail polish in a choice of colours